Faglige webinarer, udbudt af vores leverandører

Leverandørerne i dentalbranchen udbyder i stigende grad faglige webinarer, og det kan være svært at få et overblik over det store udbud af tilgængelige webinarer. Vi har herunder lavet et overblik til dig over udvalgte webinarer. Oversigten opdateres løbende.

Common sense versus COVID-19 sense

Common sense versus COVID-19 sense Simple and effective precautions to protect patients, personnel and surroundings from infections.

We are constantly surrounded by a plenitude of potentially infectious microorganisms. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic cast a renewed light on the importance of infection control routines, both in daily life and in the medical field. 

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Treating white spots and white marks with whitening and resin infiltration

Common sense versus COVID-19 senseLær om blegning og skånsom infiltrationsbehandling af hvide pletter i denne online session afholdt af  Dr. Linda Greenwall, der er specialist i blegning og æstetiske behandlinger med Icon.

Webinaret tilgås med følgende password: Webinar20!

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It´s About Time (slibning af instrumenter)

It's about timeWe've updated our Sharpening Series! In this video you'll learn about sharpening stones, sharpening basics, assessing instrument sharpness, sharpening sickle scalers, universal curettes, graceys & tips for effective sharpening.

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Sustainable development and dental care

Sustainable development and dental careA Swedish approach and why you should take the first step today.

Sustainable development and the three pillars of sustainability are often mentioned in the media but what does it actually mean, and how can the dental profession move towards a more climate- and environmentally friendly behaviour and mindset? 

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Ergonomics and periodontal instrumentation

Ergonomics and periodontal instrumentationWelcome to join free-of-charge webinar series presented by Tatiana Brandt, dental hygienist and assistant lecturer at University of Copenhagen. There will be 3 different topics.

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Predictable Grafting for Any Experience Level & Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction

Predictable Grafting for Any Experience Level & Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic ExtractionA review of the most clinically effective, atraumatic and easy-to-use extraction systems followed by a discussion on socket grafting techniques, from simple to more advanced in preparation for surgical placement of dental implants.

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Minimally invasive surgery

Minimally invasive surgerythe management of teeth extraction from simple to complex cases

The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction is becoming increasingly important especially for patients requiring subsequente implant placement with minimal bone loss.

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